Our strict quality management

In order to ensure that the performance and stability of the products meet the standards, we implement the management of incoming material quality control(IQC), in-process quality control(PQC), and outgoing quality control(OQC)

  • Incoming Quality Control

    1. No shaking in the middle of the wood, no rotten wood is accepted, and the humidity is controlled within 8-12 degrees.

    2. Do not accept materials with beveled edges, severe bending, and defects.

    3. The size must be accurate, the acceptance will be in accordance with the size of the fixed material inspection party, only positive tolerance is allowed, and small size is not accepted.

    4. Do not accept wood blistering and discoloration.

    5. The spelling board should be played male and female groove (depth should reach 6MM), the number of spelling boards should be equally divided. The surface of the board should be smooth and flat, and there should be no large area of mud and right angles around.

    6. V-groove can not have glue, and the splicing board should be firm and can't have gaps.

    7. No missing sections are accepted, and the products must be sorted and placed neatly during transportation.

  • Process Quality Control

    1. Initial Sample: the sample should be signed by the workshop supervisor and quality control officer together, the operator must be clear about the sample requirements and according to the sample molding Check the raw materials, do not allow bad products into the process.
    2. Material: material, specifications, size, wall thickness requirements in line with the company's contract requirements Cutting the pipe mouth inside and outside does not allow a batch of sharp, smooth pipe surface into 90 degrees.
    3. Product protection: Supervise the workshop to do a good job of product protection, in handling, loading, and unloading, processing, lightly hold and place, reasonable stacking neatly, do not allow defects such as bruises, bumps, knocks, dents, scratches, etc., to reduce the lack of protection caused by defective products into the next process.
    4. Inspection: According to the standard sample requirements, the quality control personnel will conduct sampling inspections according to the AQL sampling plan.

  • Out-Going Quality Control

    1. Initial Sample: The initial samples should be signed by the workshop supervisor and the quality control officer, and the workers must be clear about the labeling requirements and pack according to the labeled samples, check the materials of the previous process first, and do not allow any defective products to flow into this process, and stack high products with accurate quantity and firm bundle.

    2. Hanging card, barcode, color sticker: the pattern and text content are required to be accurate, able to be scanned, and the position of the pattern, as well as the text, meets the requirements. Carton: the size and material meet the requirements of the company contract, no damage, and the name, quantity, specification, and illustration of spare parts in the manual are complete and correct. To strictly follow the steps of the manual.

We do our best to ensure quality

As an adventure games leading company, we are helping customers develop more than 50 new projects to the market every year, we have our professional engineer to make the idea come true, all products/material tested in own testing lab, guarantee the product to meet the customer requirements, and we sold the adventure games items to millions customer every year, the top quality products mainly supplied to the big stores, like Sam’s, Lowes, Target, Intersport, COOP worldwide, and it still keeps growing.

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