Garden Wagon Telescopic Handle Portable Garden Trolley Cart
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Model No : 70452
Customized service
Outdoor Wagon, we have the most popular size on the market: 90x48x89cm, but we can customise the size, logo, packaging etc.
FSC certificate
With environmental concerns, customers are demanding FSC wood and packaging, we can meet both.
Transport services
We have a professional transport department and work with many shipping companies to offer you the best prices and guarantee timely receipt of your goods.

Product Details

    Haul twice as much with the new Gorilla Carts Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon. Featuring a huge 91x52x57cm bed with 2X the hauling capacity of comparable items, this wagon takes seconds to setup and folds back down easily for convenient, compact storage. The expandable side pockets offer additional carrying capacity, perfect for extra chairs, umbrellas, or any items you need to bring along. The comfort handle is designed for easier pulling to reduce fatigue, and the upgraded steering and brake give you all the maneuverability you need – plus the large flat-free tires allow you to move easily over any terrain. This cart is made with high-quality fabric that is durable, easy-to-clean, and UV and mildew-resistant. this is the ideal cart for carrying everything you need to the game, beach, picnic, garden, concert, or anywhere your imagination takes you.


 ♦ Huge 91x52x57cm bed provides twice the capacity of comparable wagons
 ♦ Easily folds down to compact size for storage and transport – stores in 1/2 the size of comparable carts Comfort handle for easier pulling and hauling to reduce fatigue and upgraded steering and brake for improved manueverability
 ♦ Expandable sides are perfect for extra chairs, umbrellas, and additional storage
 ♦ Made with high-quality sport fabric that is durable, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting
 ♦ PVC wheel 8″x1.75″
 ♦ Handy zipper pockets for storing small items like phones and keys
 ♦ 80kg. hauling capacity

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