kubb game FSC pine outdoor garden beach game for kids
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Model No : 71106
Customised services
Kubb games, we have the most popular size on the market: throwing baton: 22.5X7cmX1pc.molkky: 14X7cmX12pc, but we can customise the size, logo, packaging etc.
FSC certificate
At present, wood products sold to most countries/regions in Europe and North America require FSC certification mark, we can customize FSC wood and packaging, can meet all your requirements.
Transport services
We have a professional transport department and work with many shipping companies to offer you the best prices and guarantee timely receipt of your goods.

 No restrictions on location

kubb yard game is for play indoors and outdoors but it is not weatherproof or showerproof (warranty may be void if game is exposed to damp or rain).

wooden box Packing

This is one of the nicest versions of Molkky game around – the aesthetic storage crate is a pleasing accessory for the set, the skittles and stick are a nice size and the kubb lawn game is the genuine article, being a kubb set made in China in an eco-friendly way.

For ages: 6+

kubb outdoor game is terrific for a gathering of children and/or adults and can be played one-on-one, in teams or in larger groups.


Rubber wood/ Pine


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