How to make a yard Jenga game?-Factory production process

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1. Raw material procurement and Handling

1.1 Purchase of raw materials

We purchase custom-made raw materials and semi-finished raw materials from raw material suppliers according to orders. (Pine, beech, eucalyptus, New Zealand wood, etc. are available) Customized materials are available. FSC certified raw materials can be purchased according to the order.

1.2 Purchase of logs

Logs are long pieces of wood cut into certain lengths according to standard or special regulations on size, shape, and quality. The logs need to be processed and used as raw materials, the processing step we become Material Cutting


Strips Raw Materials

Strips Raw Materials


Plate Raw Materials

Plate Raw Materials

1.3 Raw material processing

1.3.1 Raw material inspection

The wood must not be shaken in the middle, no rotten wood is accepted, and the humidity is controlled within 8-12 degrees.

Do not accept materials with sloping edges, serious bending, and defects.

The size must be accurate, acceptance will be in accordance with the size of the fixed material inspection square, only positive tolerance is allowed, do not accept the size of small.

Do not accept the wood is blistered discoloration.

The spelling board should play the male and female groove (depth should reach 6MM), the number of flat score spelling boards. The Board surface should be smooth and flat, can not have a large area of soil, surrounded by right angles.

V-groove can not have glue, spelling board to be firm, can not have gaps.

Where the width of the spelling board should be widened by 5MM, the length of 10MM.

Do not accept the missing section, the product must be sorted and placed neatly in the transportation process.


Raw Material Processing

Raw Material Processing


Raw Material Processing

Raw Material Processing

1.3.2 Raw material drying

Through the drying, heater forced convection heat dissipation principle, hot air circulation to heat the air in the drying room to a certain temperature, so as to evaporate the moisture in the material and take away a large amount of water content, the moisture discharge port regularly to achieve the purpose of drying.


Raw Material Drying

Raw Material Drying


Raw Material Drying Factory

Raw Material Drying Factory

Craft Show-Material Cutting

Material cutting is the process of taking off a certain shape, quantity, or quality of material from the whole or a whole batch of material after determining the shape, quantity, or quality of material needed to make certain equipment or product.

In the early stages of the production of wooden yard games, the material is processed in sheets or strips depending on the shape of the product. Please see the following video for a clearer understanding of this process.


Plate Raw Materials Cutting

Plate Raw Materials Cutting


Strips Raw Materials Cutting

Strips Raw Materials Cutting

2. Processing

Before processing, we do a raw material test. Only the raw materials that meet the standard will be put into the production process. The following is a description of each production process in the order of giants Jenga production.

2.1 Polishing

First of all, polishing can be classified according to the level of precision: rough polishing, flat polishing, and fine polishing. Depending on the cost of the product in the project and the customer’s needs, different polishing processes will be carried out. Of course, different precision polishing can ensure that the user will not be harmed by the product.

According to the way can be divided into polishing machine polishing, wool wheel hand polishing, shot blasting machine polishing, hand polishing.

Jenga Polishing Machine

The following video and photos shows the different polishing methods


Wool wheel polishing

Wool wheel polishing

2.2 Chamfering and trimming (external processing)

As the name implies, the straight edge of the wood is processed into rounded corners to make it feel more comfortable above. The edge of the board can be trimmed into a corresponding shape according to the shape of the cutter head. At the same time, the trimming machine has some other uses: cutting mouth chamfering slotting carving, and so on.

2.3 Painting (according to product customization needs)

Painting can be divided according to the way: manual painting, pad printing painting, rolling painting, bubble painting, automatic painting.


You can visualize the operation methods of different painting methods from the video.

Tips: Water-based and nitrocellulose paints are available for wood products.

Different paint characteristics.

  1. Water-based paint can be stored in a cool place for later use; however, nitrocellulose paint must be used up at once, otherwise, it will be finished off and wasted.

  2. Water-based paint has no special operation requirements, ordinary people can spray paint; nitrocellulose paint requires tedious steps, the best professional color mixing master, professional spray paint master, is difficult for ordinary people to spray well.

  3. Water-based paint than nitrocellulose paint to be environmentally friendly, nitrocellulose paint generally add dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl ester, and other plasticizers, solvents also contain benzene and other diluents. But water-based paint is water as a solvent, you can add pure water dilution, environmental protection is very good.

  4. Packaging, inspection, and shipment

3. Post-production quality inspection

After the product is produced, it will be inspected by QC. Our salesman will cooperate with the packaging department to pack and place in tray according to customer’s customized packaging requirements.

After the above steps are completed, our quality department will inspect the products and make an inspection report according to our inspection standards for customer confirmation.

4. Shipment

We have accumulated a lot of experience in the past 18 years, and we export all over the world, so we have accumulated a lot of transportation resources. We will cooperate with customers to complete the delivery of goods.

If you have any questions about the yard game, contact us!


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